Dream Big, Little One.


We can’t wait to meet you!

With only 17 days to spare (obviously give or take a few days, you know how babies are) we finally finished Baby Ulman’s nursery! Decorating a nursery can be tough – especially because you’re designing it for someone you haven’t even had the chance to meet yet! OR in our case, (alright, mostly me) deciding to wait for the big reveal to find out the gender!
Since I’m not one to stick to the traditional pink or blue color palette, the possibilities were endless! Which also can be a pretty daunting task at the same time. Have you seen the gorgeous designs on Pinterest these days?! There were a few must-haves when we began dreaming of the design. A natural clean, classic look with just a pop of color.
In the last 6 months or so, there were many days were I would go into the nursery just to fold clothes (or re-fold), sit in the rocker and picture how our lives were about to change!
I crafted up (with the help of my handy husband) the larger gray animal wall decor. I painted the wood white, placed the purchased stencil from Wall Pops on the wood and whitewashed over the stencil; then removed!
I look forward to the days where we can sit and read these books with special notes just for baby from friends and family and because I love all things gold, I couldn’t resist adding in these wall stickers from Urban Walls. Let’s be honest though, this was just in case our little peanut happens to be a princess!

Whoever you are little one, always dream big and we can’t wait to meet you!





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