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How our business works!

Hi Friends!  A lot of fellow business owners, current clients, and potential clients are always curious about how we run the business as partners… who does what?! Well, let’s walk you through the process, so you can better understand how things at ELD are handled, and who specializes in what!
It starts with that first email, you find us on google, theKnot, or IG and you send us a note requesting more information, or wanting to get to know us because of three reasons: A) You love our style, B) You’re an avid Moscow Mule drinker, C) You love adorable babies OR… maybe you just need an Event Planner, and that is totally cool with us because, well, we kinda, sorta, absolutely LOVE planning events and weddings.
When we receive that first email, Alyse jumps into action. She reads it, re-reads it, and then reads it again, so she has all the information you have provided melted into her brain, and can be educated when she responds to your inquiry. There is a 99.99% chance that it is going to be Alyse you hear from first.  She is going to ask you questions about what you have planned so far, and hopes that you will schedule a phone consult so that she can learn all things wedding day, and tell you how we can help.
When you hopefully book, she will prepare your contract and invoice and shoot it over too you with payment instructions. Once we receive your payment, she becomes the role of accountant.  (Crunching numbers makes Lynette’s brain hurt) Alyse adds your payment to our handy dandy accounting spreadsheets, and allocates your money where it is deemed appropriate. You know, paying bills, paying our trusted employees, etc. Kind of cool, huh? But, she’s not the only boss in this duo, this is where Lynette comes in.
Welcome to the family
Once we have received your down payment and signed contract, Lynette will welcome you to the family with our Welcome to Every Little Detail Brochure, and build you a beautiful profile in our Client Planning Portal. She will create all the notes, design boards, checklists, and has everything set up ready for all planning partners and clients to jump in. Chances are good that if you receive an invoice from us through our Client Portal, Lynette took care of that!
We are very open with clients that although there are two of us, you will only have ONE lead planner, while the other works in the background. We decide who is the Lead by looking at the calendar and determining who is best suited based on scheduling conflicts, and the client’s overall needs. Once we have assigned you, your Lead Planner, we dive in on inspiration and design plans.  We start there because we can’t hire the vendors that fit your needs, until we have a vision of what your needs are. This is again where you will find Lynette’s specialties; Lynette is the MASTER of design plans. She creates the most beautiful documents and really brings the wedding vision to life as most people are visual learners!
Social Media
Speaking of vision, do you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?  If you do, you should know, the voice of ELD’s Social Media accounts is Lynette’s. It is an extremely rare occasion to hear from Alyse here, but it does happen! Alyse likes to stick to the blogs (Thanks for reading), “business logistics,” her personal clients, initial phone consults, and accounting. (My photo taking skills are that of a 2 year old child’s LOL-From Alyse.)
Now, Let’s talk about floral… Again, say, “Hello” to Alyse.  She will send you our Welcome Brochure (Created by Lynette) on the floral process, it will explain how we handle floral inquiries here at ELD.  After your review, if you want to schedule a consult, Alyse will chat with you for about 35-40 minutes so she can understand your vision, and get a list of your needs. Once it’s time to design your order during wedding week, we work as a team, taking on the responsibilities that we are best at. We do most things together, i.e. statement pieces, archways, styling on the wedding day. But! There are a few areas we specialize in. Lynette is the queen of beautiful bouquets, and cute boutonnieres.  Alyse is the queen of wrapping said cuties in ribbon. Alyse is also the queen of greening out centerpieces. Lynette is great at flower placement, and overall designing composition, but DANG did Alyse learn how to make corsages and we decided that is totally her thang, girl. (It’s funny because I don’t NORMALLY have the patience to sit still and wait for glue to dry…Literally. Waiting. For. Glue. To. Dry. But somehow I love creating those little babies.-Alyse)
So, we have given you the majority of our run down, but there are a few fun facts left to share:
Lynette: Professional Packer… It is like a game of Tetris to her, (I hate that game for the record-Alyse) she gets a thrill out of making A WHOLE LOT OF “Stuff” fit into small spaces!
Alyse: Queen of efficient logistics… I seriously just explained to my mom how I write my grocery list, based on where things are located in Kroger. It’s fun to me to see how fast I can knock things out, based on the best order of doing them.  This correlates into putting together shuttle routes for our clients, and cleaning up at the end of the night. I get everything in the venue to one specific area as quickly and efficiently as possible and then Lynette plays Tetris packing it all up.
Music: We do not work without music.  Cannot focus without music.  You will never be with us and not hear music.
Offices: We both have fun/beautiful home offices.  We each picked the spare bedrooms in our homes with the most light, because that is where we spend the most time. However, on floral weekends you will find us in Lynette’s basement/design studio.  Stay tuned, blog coming at the end of the summer, with photos of our new and improved studio!
Husbands: We both have amazingly awesome husbands.  One fun fact about our husbands is this…we both around the same time were deciding to leave our day jobs, and without knowing it, our husbands gave us the exact same advice.  They both said, “You guys are going to be successful, but if it doesn’t work out, worst case scenario, you go get a job. You are college educated woman.”  Whoa, talk about hubbies who have faith in their wives.  Something else really cool about our hubbies, is that they are constant sounding boards for us.  They over hear us talking on the phone, and cut in with advice, and ideas.  It’s fun to be surrounded by our two favorite people who want us to succeed as much as we want to succeed.  Lastly, and super importantly…they carry heavy stuff for us LOL.
Then, there is Little Miss Brielle. (Lynette’s little lady.) We have a running joke about being successful for her. We can count on Lynette saying, “Brielle’s gotta eat!” She is also our little Boss Lady in training. We hope she grows up to love this industry as much as we do, and can run the show someday!
As you can see, we each wear many, many hats to make this business run smooth, and create a successful wedding day. We truly would be lost without each other!
Team ELD

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