5 years!


Happy Birthday, ELD!

September, 2017


As I sit here, reflecting on the past five years, the number one thing that comes to my mind is thinking about the couples that trusted me with their weddings my first year. I remember when my first couple S+G booked. I drove to Chicago to meet with them. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I couldn’t believe these people were trusting me to bring the biggest day to life. The trust that goes into planning a wedding with a planner, florist, designer or really any vendor for that matter, blows my mind. It is arguably the biggest day of a couples lives, and they trust us. Mind Blown!

From there, the story just unfolds, you can read all about ELDs history and how Lynette and I joined into a partnership here. Today though, we are going to talk about the growth and future of ELD.

Five years ago, we started with just 2 weddings. We both worked Full Time (That was TOUGH!) gigs for someone else and were balancing busy social schedules. The next summer our business tripled and we had 6 weddings, then it doubled, then it doubled again. After another year of doubling we decided to expand our services into another area and in comes ELD floral.

I remember when K+B booked us for Floral. I have never been so nervous in my life. Again, the mind blowing came into play when thinking about someone trusting us with such an integral part of their day. The nerves are still present but in a different way. I have grown to love floral and the overall control it plays into our design ideas. Floral is such a large part of a wedding design. Coupled with our planning and design services, we feel confident we can really give a bride and groom their exact vibe and vision they were dreaming of.

Last winter we offered our first ever holiday workshop and had a great turn out. It was so fun working with Natalie our flower friend/ELD freelancer to bring this workshop to life. Check out our workshop here, and stay tuned for updates on our next workshop coming soon! (P.s – Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be the first to know about it!)

As of this past spring, we were both able to leave our Full Time jobs (FINALLY!) working for someone else, to work on our little baby ELD full time. It was so exciting the first week we were full time, we booked 4 more events. It was as if the stars had aligned and God was giving us all the signs we needed, to tell us we were on the right path.

This was also a big year because we hired our first payroll employee, Alex. (OH, Alex – You are such a GEM!) She is our Day of Coordination Specialist, and you can learn all about her, here! Alex is a key player in the growth of our little baby. She is not only taking over our Day of Coordination, but she is also heading our Corporate department growth. We are working on expanding our corporate events, and are extremely excited to see where that leads us.

In five glorious years, we have completed over 30 weddings, 4 styled shoots and 1 holiday workshop! Not to mention, the team is hard at work finishing up the 2017 season and deep into design plans for our 2018 couples. Good things are coming, people! We hope to continue to provide our clients with an amazing customer experience, and to continue to learn from each couple, what and how, we can serve them and future clients better. We are thankful you have been apart of our journey thus far, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


Team ELD

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