Hygge (hue-guh)


What is this “Hygge” everyone’s talking about?

Hygge Retreat 2017

I sat next to the fire, rocking back and forth in a chair side by side with my business soulmate, on the last night of the most life changing weekend of my business life. I was Reflecting on the creative knowledge, the powerful personal and business goals, and most importantly and effectively the tears that we shared with some of the most creative and passionate entrepreneurs I have ever met. Feeling blessed to have met them at the Hygge retreat is the biggest understatement I could possibly say of the weekend Team ELD spent in a cabin in Northern Michigan.


Hygge, is the Danish obsession of all things Cozy. Hygge can really be used in any fashion; a noun, verb or adjective. It actually made The Oxford Dictionaries’ 2016 “word of the year!” In Michigan, the blistery cold of winter can actually be the most “Hygge” time of the whole year. Cuddling up by the fire, sipping on tea or your favorite latte, and wearing the most comfortable wool socks you own.

Last Saturday, when team ELD attended the Hygge Women’s creative Business Retreat, my husband called me on his way home from work and asked me how the weekend was going. Normally, I am anxiety filled and can’t wait to escape from interactions with people I don’t know, I took a deep breath, choked back my over flowing emotion, and told him, “I miss you, but I don’t want to leave.” There was some amazing business advice shared, techniques, work flow, finances, client experience and so much more. But as I sit here, thinking about what I have learned…and shared, it is the people and personal experiences that have affected me and taught me the most.

We all struggle with things, they are different for each creative entrepreneur, but the commonality is that when you put your heart, soul, and drive into your passion you are bound for business greatness.  Team ELD has a long way to go, to achieve our personal and professional goals, but the bottom line is… we have the tools, knowledge, and push now!

I have come to the conclusion in this life that changing your mindset is one of the most difficult struggles you will mentally experience. You can teeter totter on that ledge or you can close your eyes and jump. Popping some champs and toasting the push that Hygge Retreat, Kalin Sheick from Stems & Sprigs, and some AHHmazing creative business owners gave us!

1…2…3 JUMP!



Photo by: Samantha James Photography

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