New Year, New ELD


Branding, expanding, collaborating, and restructuring.

Every Little Detail has so much to share in this New Year as Michigan Wedding Planners! As you may, or may not have noticed we have a new web address, website, and email. We have new advertisements, rental items, and most importantly a new TEAM! Lynette Ulman is now the official co-owner of Every Little Detail, and she brings SO-MUCH-TO-THE-TABLE. Lynette is heading up the rebranding of Every Little Detail; new logo, new image, and new design plans. She is a brilliantly creative person who has so many ideas of how we can take ELD to the next level. Speaking of taking ELD to the next level, we have some MAJOR surprises coming for 2015. I will give you a hint; it involves some collaboration with some totally AWESOME wedding professionals, and our design and styling skills!
So what has changed at ELD beside our look? Let me tell you…we now have a wide variety of rental items, unique antique pieces, and the ability to get our hands on ANY glamorous, vintage, modern, or crazy little pretty you might want! We also decided to change our focus, and our vendor list. With our new vendor list, design plans, and our super fantastic styling, your wedding or event will no longer be the best version of the same old thing. It will be an original creation of your vision mixed with our artistic abilities. From color palette combos you couldn’t possibly imagine, to the tiniest of details, we will make your next event a unique and custom design!
So… a new image, new vendors, new design ideas, a new team, all in a new year. No big deal. Bring it on 2015.
xoxo, team ELD.

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