Wedding Planning Tips | Our Take on The Honeymoon!


What are you more excited for? The wedding OR the HONEYMOON!?

Don’t worry; we won’t make you answer that!

As Wedding Planners we are always taking notes on what works and what needs improvement.  So, like the stages of planning a wedding, the way we travel is very similar. Here a few helpful hints that we have picked up along the way!

1. Start planning early

  • If you give yourself plenty of time you can score great early bird discounts, secure necessary travel documents (without paying insane expediting fees), and make sure that you are not leaving anything out of the budget. Speaking of budget; budget!
2. Activities
  • If you plan on booking activities or excursions, plan for them ahead of time… bring with you the exact amount of cash you will need.  This will help you avoid “vacation mode” spending and keep you on track with your budget!
3. Massages
  • After a year of planning and stressing over your perfect wedding day, there is nothing better than a couples massage on your honeymoon vacation!  Make sure you schedule this for the first day of your trip.  That way, you can avoid those POTENTIALLY painful sunburn massages.

4. The Sun

  • Like most honeymooners, the destination is SUN and a BEACH! Don’t forget a couple bottles of sun screen, it can be very expensive if you have to buy it at your final destination. It is so easy to burn, which can put a major blip in your trip!  One way, other than packing sun screen, is to get a base tan. A few trips to the tanner and you will be getting your vacation golden tan on in no time, please always lather up on that sunscreen though!

5. Packing List

  • Once you are done planning all the details of your honeymoon, it will be time to put together your travel and packing list. Flight confirmation number, check. Passport and driver’s license, check. Luggage requirements and regulations, check.  Stop! It is extremely important to have and know the items listed directly before this sentence, but we also want to share a few things that are not so obvious!  Like, travel snacks.  Airport food can be VERY expensive, and the last thing you want to do is waste your vacay spending money on airport food. So we recommend bringing with you (unopened) travel snacks.  Pack them in your purse or carry on, so you have them with you for the duration of your trip! Don’t forget you can’t travel with any liquids and these items must be checked.

6. International Travel

  • Traveling internationally? You will want to remember a pen!  You will be asked to fill out a Customs Form detailing anything you bought while abroad and the reason for travel.  How annoying is it to sit and wait (patiently) for someone to be done using a pen!  Save time and patience, bring your own. Hopefully you also printed out that hotel confirmation upon booking because this will be helpful while filling out the form as well.

7. Don’t forget the dress code

  • So you have your travel itinerary, your travel documents, your snacks, and your pen… now it’s time for the fun stuff!  You will need all the basics: bathing suits, shorts, tanks, blouses, sun dresses, and shoes (don’t forget comfy ones for that gorgeous hike you might take)… but, what you should find out before you go is dining dress code requirements at the resort you are staying at.  If you can’t find the info online, it is better to be safe than sorry!  Always pack a pair of dress slacks (for men), and a dress (for women) in case the restaurants you will be dining at have certain dress codes!
8. Honeymoon Benifits
  • As if being a newlywed isn’t exciting enough, you may get cool benefits like champagne and sweets in your room, or even resort discounts!  You will need to make sure you pack an extra copy (Don’t travel with the original, like ever!) of your marriage license or other proof of marriage; that beautiful invitation it took months to design or that wedding program from the ceremony should do the trick. Last in the packing department is $1bills! Tipping is expected. Let me repeat that, TIPPING IS EXPECTED, and it’s just rude not to (coming from a college waitressJ). Don’t forget to save some for travel day on the way home as well.
9. Flights
  • Now that you have planned and packed your trip, it’s go time! Check your flight times before you leave for your honeymoon, and also before you fly back home at the hotel business center.

…And the very last, Every Little Detail honeymooners advise, upon arrival to your final destination, turn that cell phone on airplane mode (we know this might be hard for most!) and truly enjoy every moment “disconnected” with your new Husband or Wife! Not to mention, this could save on that outrageous bill from roaming charges once you return from wedding bliss! We know that marrying your best friend is by far the best day of your life, and if we didn’t genuinely believe that, we wouldn’t be there to help you plan it… but, we also know the honeymoon is pretty darn amazing too!



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